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arg - sep (34)

LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
#0001911961 Argonauta argo - Giant!224 mmsouth china sea46,00 €zyf
#0001837853 Argonauta argo 213.3 mmEast China sea60,00 €saleseashell
#0001837818 Argonauta argo 198 mmEast China sea40,00 €shelllover
#0001837894 Argonauta argo 153.8 mmEast China sea19,00 €shelllover
#0001822520 Argonauta argo 150.5 mmTurkey25,00 €panova
#0001916108 Argonauta boetgeri - UNCOMMON39 mmMozambique10,00 €bmshells
#0001764038 Argonauta boettgeri - GIANT SPECIMEN97,5 mmMozambique55,00 €deepnreef
#0001796340 Argonauta boettgeri 65,1 mmMozambique15,00 €deepnreef
#0001911202 Argonauta boettgeri - BIG & NICE!60,5 mmMozambique15,00 €pennaceus
#0001796341 Argonauta boettgeri 58,3 mmMozambique10,00 €deepnreef
#0001796342 Argonauta boettgeri 53,9 mmMozambique10,00 €deepnreef
#0001911211 Argonauta boettgeri - NICE BIG! SELDOM OFFERED52,6 mmMozambique10,00 €pennaceus
#0001911229 Argonauta boettgeri - SELDOM OFFERED!50,8 mmMozambique5,00 €pennaceus
#0001911219 Argonauta boettgeri - NICE! SELDOM OFFERED!49,5 mmMozambique12,00 €pennaceus
#0001911226 Argonauta boettgeri - NICE! SELDOM OFFERED!48,35 mmMozambique7,00 €pennaceus
#0001850087 Argonauta boettgeri - NICE! SELDOM OFFERED!46,18 mmMozambique10,00 €pennaceus
#0001047978 Argonauta boettgeri - SELDOM OFFERED!42,6 mmMozambique10,00 €pennaceus
#0001620834 Argonauta boettgeri - SELDOM OFFERED!41,5 mmMozambique12,00 €pennaceus
#0001850091 Argonauta boettgeri - DARK! SELDOM OFFERED!39,3 mmMozambique8,00 €pennaceus
#0001867289 Argonauta boettgeri f. armata 68.9 mmTolagnaro, S.E.Madagascar85,00 €gigi
#0001921123 Argonauta hians - (0312)91.7 mmEast China sea6,00 €cnshells
#0001918064 Argonauta hians - freak67 mmNegros1,00 €trochaboy
#0001874695 Argonauta hians 64 mmOlango Is., Cebu Philippines2,00 €tonyshells
#0001874692 Argonauta hians 63 mmOlango Is., Cebu Philippines2,00 €tonyshells
#0001855859 Argonauta hians 58,8 mmBali, Indonesia5,00 €bmshells
#0001837498 Argonauta nodosa - WOW!!100,2 mmKiwane, East London,South Africa75,00 €Amphithales
#0001924003 Argonauta nouryi - EXTRA GEM!! VERY LARGE72.85 mmManabí, ECUADOR112,00 €carlesdorado
#0001875835 Argonauta nouryi - RARE !!!!50 mmLa Paz, Baja Calif., Mexico120,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001920179 Chamber nautilus - "VERY LARGE"183 mmAlbay Province, Philippines20,00 €tonyshells
#0001920188 Chamber nautilus - "VERY LARGE"183 mmAlbay Province, Philippines20,00 €tonyshells
#0001911495 Sepia gibba - RARE91.9 mmSinai Peninsula, Egypt, Red Sea25,00 €Clanculus
#0001818943 Sepia officinalis 137,134 mmEvia island ,Greece2,00 €Gspili
#0001900858 Sepia simoniana - WOW!!81 mmEast London, South Africa6,00 €Amphithales
#0001640275 Sepia species 59.2 mmLavanono, S Madagascar4,00 €gigi
#0001221601 Spirula spirula 18-20 mmLavanono, S.Madagascar15,00 €gigi