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Shellauction Disclaimer:
  Visualizza versione in Italiano

1General Rules
1.1Present Regulations describe Terms and Conditions applicable to our services on The services are provided by the company AL&LA S.R.L. Unipersonale, domiciled in Via Paolo Uccello 12 - 20148 MILANO (MI), ITALY, VAT number 09193880961, email: . The original of this Document has been written in Italian. As you agree to this Document, you implicitly agree to the Italian version of it.
1.2AL&LA S.R.L. Unipersonale, providing its services, operate through its employees and consultants. From this point on, AL&LA S.R.L. Unipersonale will be referred to as "".
1.3If you need further informations, please contact our Customer Service at . has the right to modify at any time the contents of these Regulations, thus including any modification about fees and payments, by publishing them on the website. The new Rules will be automatically effective after 15 (fifteen) days from their communication by electronic means to the interested Users. Within this deadline, if you do not agree with the new Terms and Conditions of the Regulations, you will be free tocancel any time simply by contacting our Customer Care service at . This version of our Regulation has been updated the 25/05/2018 is a public website for specialized collectors (both advanced and non-advanced). When you subscribe, you have to give your generalities according to the instructions reported below. After registration, you will receive an email from the Customer Service, asking you a brief presentation about yourself and some references of yours. This is necessary to guarantee a safer and higher standard service to our Users.
Users registering as Dealers have to send: 1)a valid identity paper (passport); 2) a reference letter from a Dealer that is already in or from a worldwide known dealer. However, each request will be undisputably valued by the Staff. will have the undisputable right to admit or not any User to its services, assigning him a login and password. will organize sales about once a month. As User, you will be informed by email about the dates of each Sale. Users can upload their shells in the website 15 days before the sales start. Uploading will be stopped the day before the sales start. Bidding will be available for a week; you can either post your current bid, or eventually a maximum value you're willing to pay for the item (Proxy bidding). Using the Proxy Bid option, if other Users will offer on the same shell, the system will automatically post your bids to beat others' offers, up to the maximum you have set with your proxy bid. When sales close you will receive an email with your won and/or sold items, with the data needed to conclude the transactions with your Customers/Purchaser. The data will also be available through your personal User Page.
1.8Instructions for uploading your shells and to place bids are described in the appropriate website sections.

2Needs and procedures for registration
2.1During the registration process you will be asked to agree to present Terms and conditions, as indicated below. services are forbidden to persons under 18 years old. Moreover, our services cannot be used by Users that are temporarily or definitively banned from
If you are registered on behalf of a Company, you must have the authorithy to accept present Regulations.

Types of Users:

a) Collector: you may choose to register yourself as a Collector if you're only interested in purchasing shells on

b) Dealer: you may choose to register yourself as a Dealer if you're interested in selling shells. You may insert max 4000 item each month. In this case you will be charged by fees as reported in present Regulations (see 7.2). You will also be able to buy as any other Collector.
New Dealers are obliged to pay a deposit to cover the future commissions that will be due to Whether this deposit is due or not is under the undisputable decision of, which will judge on provided references of the Dealer, and will be applied for a limited period, as necessary to obtain an appropriate feedback score that demonstrates the correctness of the Dealer. The amount of this deposit is fixed at the 7% of the starting value of the shells uploaded. This deposit is an account for future commissions and must be refilled each time as long as will communicate it is no longer needed.
A regular invoice will be sent after payment for the account sum. This deposit is a tutorship and guarantee of your trustfulness.
2.3All Users must respect National and International Laws, as well as the Regulations that discipline the use of and Users act fully autonomously and independently. Present Regulations do not imply any collaboration, agency, association, intermediation or employment.

3Your personal data
3.1Your personal data are all the informations you give to or to other users when you register, offer, sell, send messages through the Message system, post feedbacks.
3.2After registration, you can control and modify your data in the User Page, including:
b) your email address;
c) registration data like, for instance, name, society, VAT number, address, city, nationality, Postal Code, telephone and fax numbers
d) your password
e) any other information in the Registration Form.

We request you to update soon your information if they change.
Choice of the login. It's forbidden, during the registration, to choose offensive or libelous login, or login that violate the Privacy Regulations or property laws, or induce in confusion or error with the names or logins justifiably used from other persons or companies. has the indisputable right to cancel, modify, without any obligation to advise, the login.
3.3Prohibitions. Your personal data and your activities on must not:
a) be false, wrong or misleading;
b) violate people's privacy and protection rights, for what the treatment of personal data is concerned;
c) violate Laws or Regulations (including, for example, Laws on export/import of goods, customer protection, unfair competition, racial discrimination and on deceptive advertisements);
d) contain libels, calumnies, threats or harassments;
e) contain viruses or other software that damage, interfere, intercept or steal operating systems, personal data and informations;
f) cause any kind of damage to and its Users;
g) cause the stop, either temporarily or totally, of the service provided.
3.4It is forbidden:
a) To send spam emails to email addresses of Users, as better specified in the Privacy Regulations.
b) To transfer or sell your login to other persons (Including Feedback);
c) the use of your login by other persons, even if they have been delegated by you.
Moreover, it is forbidden to sell through the following items:
- fossils from Italy;
- fake shells;
- animal species under CITES regulation (Washington Convention, 8 March 1973);
- animal species under Bern Convention (19 September 1979);
- animal species inder Habitat Dir. 92/43/CEE (21 maggio 1992);
- animal species that are not allowed to be exported by Laws of their country of origin. has the indisputable right to cancel, modify, suspend any insertion, without any obligation to advise the Seller.

4.1The feedback includes comments of Users (Dealer and Collector) for each transaction. It is forbidden to perform any action that threaten the integrity of our Feedback system. User with negative feedbacks may be locked: each situation will be individually evaluated. Negative feedbacks without the specific indication of the reason of it, will be deleted. Negative feedbacks have to be justified in details.
4.2It is forbidden for all Users to use the Feedback right with the intent to be offensive or indecent. has the undisputable right to delete or modify offensive or indecent feedbacks.
4.3After you send a message in the Forum or in the Feedback Area, you are not allowed to modify or remove it.

5Purchase offer
5.1Your offer, according to these Regulations and to the Laws in force, is a mandatory commitment, which means that it is a contract. Bid only if you want to buy and remember that, if you win the object, you have to respect the contract. When you bid on an object, you automatically accept the selling conditions reported in the item description, as they are defined by the Dealer. Bids cannot be retracted, other that in exceptional circumstances that will be indisputably evaluated, case by case, by, and only after a quick communication to the Customer Service: . For example, they are exceptional circumstances a bid for a wrong amount, or a wrong name of the species.
5.2Fraud. In addition to the applications of Law enforcements, has the right to suspend or delete your account if it is clear that you have undertaken fraudulent activities by using our website.
5.3Increasing by trick a maximum bid. In addition to the Law penalties, it is a violation of present Regulations to increase by trick the price of an item for sale or interfere with the insertions.

6Insertions and selling.
6.1To post a shell for sale on, you have to legally owe the shell, as well as accurately describe it, and to upload at least one picture (preferably both sides). All shells must be posted in the appropriate category. Shells without pictures will be deleted.
6.2Dealers can fulfill informing obligations as requested by the D.Lgs. n. 185/1999 (mail-order sales) and n. 70/2003 (Electronic commerce), simply by putting their data and instructions on purchasers' withdrawal right in the selling conditions, in the object description and in the emails to the purchasers.
6.3Shipping and payment modes. Every Dealer can specify shipping and payment instructions in the available field of the user page. suggests to ask for a payment in advance. fees and payment instructions:
For Dealers, registration and biddings are free on
A fees is applied to sales, according to the below mentioned modalities. With subscription to the website and the consequent acceptance of present Regulations, Dealers accept that they are committed to pay fees as below stated.
For each sale, you can choose between two fee options:

1) Fees on sold: you will be charged on sold items only. You will not be charged for the insertions, as well as for the unsold items.
You can insert two types of items:
- NORMAL SHELLS (base value from 1 EURO to 200,00 EURO, or XXX USD)
- RARE SHELLS (base value more than 200,00 EURO, or XXX USD)
We apply a 10% fee on the final price for normal shells and 5% fee on the final price for RARE SHELLS.
Please note that in the last months the EURO/Dollar exchange rate has experienced wide variations, and it is still fluctuating a lot. We will update the Exchange rate at the beginning of each sale.

2) Mixed fees: NOT MORE SELECTABLE SINCE SEPT 2019, (fees on insertion and sold): this option includes an insertion fee of 1% of the item insertion price (from a minimum of 0,10 euro to a maximum of 2,50 euro) on all items, INCLUDING UNSOLD ONES. You will also be charged by a 5% on the final selling value for any item sold at a price lower or equal to 50,00 euro, + 3% on the exceeding value if the item has been sold higher than 50,00 euro.
For example:
If the final price is 40,00 euro, than the fee on sold is 40 * 5% = 2,00 euro
If the final price is 70,00 euro, than the fee on sold is (50 * 5%) + (20 * 3%) = 3,10 euro.

Please note that our fees are VAT Taxable if provided for laws, for details click here

The (n. 1) option is the default. In the case you will not choose the other option, the "Fee on sold" option will be applied.

At the end of every sale, due fees will be displayed in your user page. When you reach 300 euro, or in any case after 6 months, a Pro Forma Invoice will be sent to your email. Payment must be done within 15 days from the Pro Forma. We will deliver regular Invoice or Receipt after your payment has been cashed.

By accepting this Regulations you authorize to send the Invoices by email to the email address provided by you.
You can pay your fees by:

- PayPal: it's a safe and convenient way to pay fees; if you choose this payment option you will have to pay the PayPal fees. The amount of PayPal fees will be also reported in your Pro Forma Invoice.
Our paypal email is:

- Bank Transfer: you can pay using bank transfer directly from your Bank or on the web. If you choose this option, please be aware that no cashing commissions will be charged on, that they must be all paid by you. Here follow the data for the Bank Transfer. In the description field please put you login:

Bank Account data for Bank Transfer
Send to: AL&LA S.R.L.
IBAN: IT31H0306920502100000014692
7.3 is not assuming any responsibility for the eventual payment of Dealers' Taxes and other fees derived from the transactions in our website. It is possible that European members (Italy included) would have to pay VAT. role is not an Auction House. It is important to understand that doesn't give any intermediary service and it is not an Auctioneer as well, in the traditional way this term has been used. is just a "place" where Users can sell or buy shells, any time, and from any internet point and with different modes. doesn't have any control or responsibility for what quality, security, lawfulness of the items for sale are concerned. It cannot also verify the truthfulness and accuracy of the insertions, the provided information or users' capacity to sell, buy and bid. doesn't have any role in the transaction between dealer and collector.
8.2According to Law prescriptions and with the exception of customers' rights, offers his service "as it", without any further assurance, either expressed or implicit.
8.3Being a web hosting provider, it cannot guarantee the truthfulness of personal data as provided by Users when they register. For this reason is not keeping any responsibility for eventual damages, either direct or indirect, happened because of the use of false data by the Users. We strongly recommend you to collect all the informations about the people you're willing to make a transaction with, and for this you're welcome to use the feedback system, since it is based on the indications of our Users. In accordance to the D.Lgs. n. 70/2003 and the European Community Guideline 31/2000/CE on electronic commerce, is not obliged to perform any surveillance on the activity on its website. Since doesn't act as an intermediary or controller of transactions, in the case of controversies Users commit themselves to exclude, AL&LA S.R.L., or their employees and consultants, from any liability or any kind of damage reimbursement. Accepting this Regulations you authorize to use your personal informations in respect of the Italian and European Privacy Rules (GDPR 2016/679).
8.4Following documents, also through web links, as well as the pages therein reported, are fundamental parts of these Regulations. cannot guarantee the continuous access to the website and its services, that can be influenced by events that are not under our control.
8.6In the case that a clause of these Regulations will result null or ineffective, this will not affect the whole Regulations.
8.7If you violate present contract, and doesn't legally act against you, it doesn't mean that will definitively renounce to legally act against you or against third persons.
8.8By accepting these Regulations, you commit yourself not to use any software or any other automatic mechanisms to copy or enter in our web pages, without our written permission. You commit yourself not to use any mechanism, software, procedure that could interfere with the correct functioning of our web site. You also commit yourself that you will not perform any action that could cause an unmotivated congestion of our technological infrastructures and of our system.
8.9Finally, you commit yourself not to copy, reproduce, alter, modify or spread the contents of our website (with the exception of your personal data) without our written permission.

9Suspension or exclusion
9.1Apart from the ordinary actions contemplated by Law for not respecting the obeys of these Regulations, keeps the right to advise, suspend pro-tempore or definitively, by interrupting its services because of:
(a) Violations of present Regulations;
(b) If cannot verify the authenticity of the informations you gave when you registered or during your use of our service;
(c) You act in a way that can cause important economic losses or that can cause legal liabilities to or to other Users. If you're either temporally or definitely banned, you will not be allowed to register again.

10Limitations of liability
10.1According to Law prescriptions and with the exception of customers' rights, is not liable for economic losses, indirect or direct damage, also of the image, that could be experienced by users or third persons because of the use of our web site and/or our services.
10.2Accepting the present Regulations, you commit yourself to keep, its employees, administrators, consultants untouched by any claim or reimbursement request by thirds, that could derive from the violation of the rules contained in the present Regulations, of the Law obligations or thirds' rights.

11.1Communications to Other than when differently stated, all communications must be done using the following email address:
11.2For mail communications:

AL&LA S.R.L. Unipersonale
Via Paolo Uccello 12
20148 MILANO (MI)
11.3Communications from will sent communications to the address you gave during the registration process. Alternatively, could send you a registered mail to the address you gave during the registration process.
11.4Whole Regulations. Present Regulations, web pages and rules here presented, are the whole agreement you make with

12Applicable Law.
12.1Applicable law. Present contract is regulated by the Italian Law.

Privacy Rules according to art. 13 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation (GPDR)

According to art. 13 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation (GPDR) and in relation to the information that will come into possession, for the purposes of the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, we inform you as follows:

1. Purpose of the Treatment
The data you provide will be used exclusively for the performance of the services provided by

2. Processing methods
The modalities with which personal data will be processed contemplate only electronic methods.

3. Provision of data
The consent to the processing of your personal data as described above, is essential for the completion of the services described in the Rules In case of refusal to provide the data can not perform the activities indicated. The duration of data processing is unlimited.

4. Communication and dissemination of data
The data provided will not be subject to communication or dissemination.

5. Data Controller
The owner of the processing of personal data is Ing. Lara Lanzellotti, c / o Al&la unipersonale s.r.l., via Paolo Uccello 12, Milan (MI)

6. Rights of the interested party
At any time, you can exercise, according to articles 15 to 22 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679, the right to:
a) request confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data;
b) obtain information on the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data, recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated and, where possible, the retention period;
c) obtain the correction and deletion of data;
d) obtain the treatment limitation;
e) obtain data portability, ie receive them from a data controller, in a structured format, commonly used and readable by automatic device, and transmit them to another data controller without hindrance;
f) oppose the processing at any time and also in the case of treatment for direct marketing purposes;
g) to oppose an automated decision-making process concerning natural persons, including profiling.
h) ask the data controller to access personal data and to rectify or cancel them or limit their processing or to oppose their processing, in addition to the right to data portability;
i) withdraw the consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent given prior to the revocation;
j) to propose a complaint to a supervisory authority.

You can exercise your rights with a request sent to the e-mail address

I declare that I have received the above information.
I do NOT express my consent

I do NOT express the consent to the treatment of the particular categories of my personal data as indicated in the preceding information.
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