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bmshells - Conidae
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Buccinidae (3)
Cancellariidae (1)
Cassidae (2)
Conidae (5)
Cypraeidae (8)
Epitoniidae (1)
Mitridae (1)
Muricidae (1)
Nassariidae (1)
Olividae (6)
Patellidae (1)
Pectinidae (2)
Terebridae (3)
Trochidae (2)
Turbinellidae (1)
Turridae (4)
Volutidae (2)
LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
57 mm, Guinea Bissau bmshells
62 mm, Caotinha, Angola bmshells
21,1 mm, Benguela, Angola bmshells
17 mm, Cocos Island bmshells
33,6 mm, Philippines bmshells
20,8 mm, Portugal bmshells
56,1 mm, Portugal bmshells
21,1 mm, Guinea Bissau bmshells
14,2 mm, Manabi, Equador bmshells
24,6 mm, Panama West bmshells
20,5 mm, Queensland, Australia bmshells
9,7 mm, Off Maputo, Mozambique bmshells
89,8 mm, Portugal bmshells
Buccinidae - View all Buccinidae...
97,1 mm, ; w/oPortugal bmshells
9,8 mm, Oua Tom, New Caledonia bmshells
11 mm, Prony Bay, New Caledonia bmshells
Cancellariidae - View all Cancellariidae...
16,5 mm, Off Maputo, Mozambique bmshells
Cassidae - View all Cassidae...
60,4 mm, East China Sea bmshells
35,3 mm, Panama bmshells
Conidae - View all Conidae...
67,2 mm, Park Rynie, Natal, South Africa bmshells
32,2 mm, Nuku Hiva bmshells
21,5 mm, Bahia, Brazil bmshells
24,1 mm, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil bmshells
21,6 mm, Oman bmshells
Cypraeidae - View all Cypraeidae...
19,5 mm, Cebaco Island, Panama bmshells
24,8 mm, Ceará, Brazil bmshells
48,6 mm, Mozambique bmshells
67,6 mm, Park Rynie, Natal, South Africa bmshells
37 mm, Amuay Bay, Venezuela bmshells
26,4 mm, Boavista, Cape Verde Islands bmshells
27,8 mm, Guinea Bissau bmshells
28 mm, Djibouti bmshells
Epitoniidae - View all Epitoniidae...
9,7 mm, Xai-Xai, Mozambique bmshells
22,4 mm, Philippines bmshells
22,9 mm, Philippines bmshells
24,2 mm, Philippines bmshells
63,4 mm, SW Cameroon; West Africa bmshells
70,5 mm, Tombe, Cameroon, West Africa bmshells
Mitridae - View all Mitridae...
36 mm, Ceará, Brazil bmshells
Muricidae - View all Muricidae...
48,3 mm, Santa Veronica, Colombia bmshells
Nassariidae - View all Nassariidae...
9,5 mm, Sal, Cape Verde Islands bmshells
Olividae - View all Olividae...
23,3 mm, Guarapari, Brazil bmshells
16,7 mm, Ceará, Brazil bmshells
40,5 mm, Ceará, Brazil bmshells
31,4 mm, Philippines bmshells
21 mm, Ceará, Brazil bmshells
36,1 mm, Mozambique bmshells
Patellidae - View all Patellidae...
62,2 mm, Cape Verde bmshells
Pectinidae - View all Pectinidae...
46,5 mm, Portugal bmshells
28,4 mm, Bahia, Brazil bmshells
Terebridae - View all Terebridae...
38,5 mm, Solomon Islands bmshells
30,9 mm, Angola bmshells
46,1 mm, ; w/oGulf of Montijo, Panama bmshells
Trochidae - View all Trochidae...
11,1 mm, ; w/oPortugal bmshells
26,5 mm, ; w/oPortugal bmshells
Turbinellidae - View all Turbinellidae...
34,2 mm, Mozambique bmshells
Turridae - View all Turridae...
18,2 mm, Portugal bmshells
15,3 mm, Off Inhaca, Mozambique bmshells
12,6 mm, Ponta Mucombo, Mozambique bmshells
55,2 mm, Portugal bmshells
Volutidae - View all Volutidae...
91,6 mm, Lamu, Kenya bmshells
92,3 mm, Kribi, Cameroon bmshells