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Trochidae (1)
LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
6.1-6.9 mm, Indonesia Otala
2,2-3 mm, Moravia Otala
6.4-6.7 mm, Java Isl. (Indonesia) Otala
25.4 mm, Japan Otala
30.2-30.8 mm, Indonesia Otala
31.8-32 mm, Indonesia Otala
35.7-38.4 mm, Java Island (Indonesia) Otala
4,1 mm, Italy Otala
5.5-6.2 mm, Indonesia Otala
17.2-20.5 mm, Cameroon Otala
8.8 mm, Thailand Otala
20.6-21 mm, Indonesia Otala
7.2-6.9 mm, Java Isl. (Indonesia) Otala
20,5 mm, New Zealand Otala
41,3-44,1 mm, Indonesia Otala
42,5-46,6 mm, Indonesia Otala
42,5-47,8 mm, Indonesia Otala
17 mm, Spain Otala
30.6 mm, Indonesia Otala
31.9 mm, Philippines Otala
31.9 mm, Philippines Otala
62,2 mm, Vietnam Otala
9,3-10,1 mm, Spain Otala
8.7-10.2 mm, Spain Otala
9-11 mm, Spain Otala
46.4 mm, Madagascar Otala
32 mm, Philippines Otala
39.5 mm, Philippines Otala
41.3 mm, Philippines Otala
31.5 mm, Philippines Otala
26.9-28.4 mm, Spain Otala
20-20,5 mm, Spain Otala
9.25-11.1 mm, New Zealand Otala
9.1-10.2 mm, New Zealand Otala
8.9-10.4 mm, New Zealand Otala
9.3-10 mm, New Zealand Otala
9.5-10.6 mm, New Zealand Otala
6,2-6,5 mm, New Zealand Otala
7.5-8.9 mm, New Zealand Otala
7.4-8.4 mm, New Zealand Otala
7.6-8.9 mm, New Zealand Otala
8-8.3 mm, New Zealand Otala
6.8-7.7 mm, New Zealand Otala
7.7-8.7 mm, New Zealand Otala
7.5-8.4 mm, New Zealand Otala
7.8-8.6 mm, New Zealand Otala
20,1 mm, Cerdeña (Italy) Otala
19,2 mm, Cerdeña (Italy) Otala
9-10.4 mm, Spain Otala
22,1 mm, Argelia Otala
34,2 mm, Dominican Republic Otala
23.4 mm, Borneo Otala
22,4 mm, Indonesia Otala
14.9-18.4 mm, Spain Otala
14-16,4 mm, Spain Otala
18.7-19.9 mm, Spain Otala
18,4-19 mm, Spain Otala
17,4-19,4 mm, Spain Otala
6.2-6.8 mm, Spain Otala
17,7-20,2 mm, Spain Otala
18.3-18.4 mm, Spain Otala
35.3 mm, South Africa Otala
micro mm, France Otala
9,5 mm, Menorca island (Spain) Otala
16.1-17.1 mm, Austria Otala
micro mm, Malaga (Spain) Otala
OTHER - View all OTHER...
47.5-48.2 mm, Spain, Pliocene Otala
24,9 mm, Atlantic (Spain) Otala
Trochidae - View all Trochidae...
15.2-16.1 mm, Abu Dhabi Otala