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Pleurotomariidae, BAY - MIK
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bay - mik (43)
per - per (55)
ple (79)

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LotItemSizeDescription CurrentSeller
#0001908228 Bayerotrochus africanus - NICE SHELL !!125 mm; w/oOff. South Mozambique150,00 €donax seashells
#0001763768 Bayerotrochus africanus 124,2 mmMozambique60,00 €deepnreef
#0001821314 Bayerotrochus africanus 95 diam mmMorondava, W.Madagascar60,00 €gigi
#0001900199 Bayerotrochus philpoppei - rare shell58 x 49 mmtinina balut island[R]1200,00 €yvad
#0001663733 Bayerotrochus sp. - Extra RARE!112 mmSouth China Sea40,00 €wulovef
#0001884308 Bayerotrochus sp. - Unique!!!99.8 mmEast China Sea69,00 €wulovef
#0001603597 Bayerotrochus sp. - Extra RARE!87.3*79.4 mmEast China Sea210,00 €wulovef
#0001901189 Bayerotrochus sp. - deep water shell65 x 53 mmtinina balut island[R]700,00 €yvad
#0001824886 Bayerotrochus teramachii - NICE114 mm; w/oTaiwan12,00 €carlesdorado
#0001883640 Bayerotrochus teramachii 111 mmVietnam13,00 €Whot
#0001792089 Bayerotrochus teramachii - RARE Local!!!110*102 mmSouth China Sea80,00 €wulovef
#0001883641 Bayerotrochus teramachii 101.5 mmVietnam17,00 €Whot
#0001883643 Bayerotrochus teramachii 89.3 mmVietnam32,00 €Whot
#0001883646 Bayerotrochus teramachii 76 mmEast China Sea12,00 €Whot
#0001576334 Bayerotrochus teremachii 105 mm; w/oEast China Sea12,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001917087 Bayerotrochus westralis 93 mm; w/oRowley Shoals, Australia32,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001897929 Bayerotrochus westralis 89 mm; w/oRowley Shoals, Australia[R]22,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001908841 Bayerotrohus philpoppei 68X54 mm; w/oPhilippines1550,00 €GemSpecimen
#0001895399 Entemnotrochus rumphii - AMAZING SPECIMEN!!171 mm; w/oEast China Sea990,00 €Frankiesc
#0001777714 Entemnotrochus rumphii - RARE !!155 mm; w/oTao Yu Tai, Taiwan950,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001907944 Entemnotrochus rumphii - (0073)89 mmEast China sea100,00 €cnshells
#0001907940 Entemnotrochus rumphii - (0068)78.5 mmEast China sea80,00 €cnshells
#0001908287 Entemnotrochus rumphii 54 mmEast China Sea25,00 €wulovef
#0001901199 Mikadotrochus anseeuwi 54 X 42 mmBALUT ISLAND50,00 €yvad
#0001824887 Mikadotrochus gotoi - RARE43 mm; w/oPunta Engaño, Cebu, PHILIPPINES60,00 €carlesdorado
#0001792079 Mikadotrochus hirasei 92.8 mmEast China Sea2,00 €wulovef
#0001843150 Mikadotrochus hirasei 87.3 mmEast China Sea5,00 €wulovef
#0001877210 Mikadotrochus hirasei - High tower!87.5*92 mmEast China Sea32,00 €wulovef
#0001777258 Mikadotrochus hirasei 85 mmEast China Sea4,00 €wulovef
#0001792088 Mikadotrochus hirasei - Unique!!!80*80.8 mmEast China Sea26,00 €wulovef
#0001843145 Mikadotrochus hirasei 78.7 mmEast China Sea4,00 €wulovef
#0001843144 Mikadotrochus hirasei 77 mmEast China Sea5,00 €wulovef
#0001843142 Mikadotrochus hirasei 70.9 mmEast China Sea3,00 €wulovef
#0001755749 Mikadotrochus hirasei - Albino66 mmEast China Sea8,00 €wulovef
#0001843141 Mikadotrochus hirasei 64.8 mmEast China Sea4,00 €wulovef
#0001843140 Mikadotrochus hirasei 62.8 mmEast China Sea3,00 €wulovef
#0001777235 Mikadotrochus hirasei 61 mmEast China Sea11,00 €wulovef
#0001755743 Mikadotrochus hirasei - Albino59 mmEast China Sea15,00 €wulovef
#0001777233 Mikadotrochus hirasei 58.2 mmEast China Sea2,00 €wulovef
#0001690801 Mikadotrochus hirasei - DWARF36.5 mmEast China Sea25,00 €gigi
#0001690806 Mikadotrochus hirasei - DWARF32.3 mmEast China Sea25,00 €gigi
#0001245383 Mikadotrochus salmianus - .Rare !86 mmOff Taiwan490,00 €ALGOABAY
#0001810162 Mikadotrochus salmianus - Wow !80 mm; w/oBohol, Philippines1475,00 €ALGOABAY


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